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Mangliks marrying non-Manglik is one of the most controversial and hot topics in the marriage category. Yet many people still wonder can a Manglik boy marry a non-Manglik girl or vice versa. But it is not just a debate among the people, but many astrologers sometimes seem to have discussions and debates about it.

Often, the controversies mention a Manglik girl marrying a non-Manglik boy because, in the case of a girl, Manglik is treated as a black spot in the horoscope for romance or marriage. So, let’s take a look at this question in brief and find out the answer.

Can Manglik Marry Non-Manglik?

Being Manglik means that your horoscope has a strong influence on Mars, affecting a person’s personality. The person concerned will have strong aggression or be more passionate. They can also have a high energy level in general, considering Mars is a hot planet. This is why it is often recommended that a Manglik marries someone who has a low degree of Mars influence on their horoscope.

Many would argue that declaring someone Manglik is only a way to burden and scare the concerned person, and then ask them to perform some rituals to ensure that all issues are avoided in the marriage in the future.

At the same time, many others argue that you can marry a Manglik just like you’d marry a regular horoscope – by matching their horoscopes with yours, and there’s not going to be any problem in your marriage life.

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Many astrologers also say that there is no specific way or details to ensure that a person is Manglik, and marriage issues are not restricted to cases associated with Manglik. Marriage is about compatibility, and while usually all kinds of marriages go through tough times, it is the compatibility that holds them together and helps in talking it out and fixing those issues together.

But it is important that a person who is highly passionate and has issues with aggression in life needs the other person to be patient and deal with the issues with a cool-headed attitude, unlike their partner.



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