Raj Astrologer is providing comprehensive services related to astrology, vastu, palmistry, and numerology, and other related ancient sciences.www.rajastrologer.com may require certain personal details of the users like email address or phone number or name. A person’s birth details may be required to know the horoscope. Besides these, we may collect other information from users which are helping us to give them astrological services they want. We may also collect some information on automatically on the basis of your behaviour on our site.


While using our website and our services, users agree that Raj astrologer may use your personal details to get in touch with you for providing you with the services. We may also use these details to intimate you about our policies for use of our site by you. By accepting our privacy policy, users agree independently to receive such information. If the user is not ready to receive any such information from us, theuser may opt out from communication.


The personal data of the users are only to contact them with reference to our services or to send them abovementioned information. www.rajastrologer.com does not use the personal details for any other reason and maintains theconfidentiality of the information.


The user is free to decide how much personal information he/she wants to reveal to us. These personal details will not be disclosed by Raj Astrologer in any other ways. Though we are committed to protectingprivacy of the users, we do not guarantee it due to the tricky nature of theinternet. We are bound to keep your details confidential with us, but as a user of our website, users should agree to assume all risk and responsibility of using the website and revealing their personal information with us, especially in the context of theinternet. The same applies to any document you access or upload on our website and off the site.


The user should respect our privacy policy and agree with it before using our site and services. If in any case, the user is not agreeing with our privacy policy, he/she should not user our services and website.

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