While providing services of astrology, numerology, and vastushastra, www.rajastrologer.comrequires users to agree with following terms and conditions in concern with theuse of its services and website.


  1. Raj Astrologer requests the user to call from his/her number for telephonic consultation. However, we do not guarantee to call you back to complete your consultation.
  2. The user should support the staff of Raj Astrologer for any appointment and order.
  3. The user is required to call up at the agreed time and schedule in relation to the telephonic appointment.
  4. Any order once places cannot be considered as interchanged against any other services of Raj Astrologer unless Raj Astrologer agrees for it.
  5. Any amount paid against services will remain will belong to Raj Astrologer and no refund should be demanded by the customer anytime and Raj Astrologer will not be bound to provide any such refund.
  6. If not satisfied with our services, the customer shall not write or post against Raj Astrologer in public media. If this happens, Raj Astrologer holds right to sue or file the person or institution for defamation as per law.


The customer should respect the above Terms & Conditions before opting for our services and placing any order. No refund will be given from www.rajastrologer.com.


The astrological services provided by Raj Astrologer are given in good faith by Raj Astrologer or its officers, employees, partners, and agents. However,www.rajastrologer.com does not make any warranty for following.


No warranty or guarantee is provided that:


  1. The services and recommendations will meet your needs.
  2. The services will be reliable, accurate or error-free and timely.


Any service and any material obtained by the user from www.rajastrologer.comshall be received or accessed at user’s own discretion, responsibility and risk. The user will be solely responsible for approaching us and receiving our services.


www.rajastrologer.com holds no responsibility for any damage and loss of data to the user’s computer system due to downloading anything from the website or using the website and any leakage of user’s personal information due to lack of system’s security and nature of the internet.

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